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Ergohuman Plus and Ergonomics

In today’s world, space is becoming tighter and so, when planning an office, or where your office space should be in your own home, you need to look at space-saving devices, multi-purpose items and, amongst all of that, how to keep working hours and the non-working hours distinct from each other. But we also need to treat ourselves, don’t we?
So, as regards to working from home, if sitting occupies a high percentage of your day (we’re talking work and also those ‘me’ hours of television, gaming and Facebook), finding the right ergonomic, ‘all singing all dancing’, chair is a win-win situation, right?
Well, I’ve found the right one for you. It’s the Ergohuman Plus Office Chair. We’re talking top end of the market here, a chair that stands out from the rest and can be a bit of a talking point because, not only is it a handsome chair, it’s also fully adjustable, almost like having your name written on it. By that, I mean that when you have used the single lever to make the chair of your dreams adjust to your personal preferences as in seat depth, seat height and back tilt, and when you’ve made use of that seat tilt option which gets you in a more alert sitting position, who knows what heights you might climb to? In work and in gaming!
If you go for mesh upholstery (I did), your ergonomic office chair can be made more to your idea of handsome. And with that polished aluminium frame, it’s like wearing the best watch or jewellery. Does black make you feel good? Or what about green or red? And if you can’t make your mind up, why not have the seat pad in one colour and the backrest in another? It’s all about individual taste, isn’t it? Maybe you want to fit in with everyone else, or maybe that naughty-cum-playful streak within you wants to let others know that you’re, well, this is who you are.
To make things even better, you can accessorise your Ergohuman Plus with a legrest – ideal when you’re in pensive thought, or in Facebook mode. The brilliant thing about the legrest is that, as it is attached to your Ergohuman Plus, it can be tucked away under the seat pad when not in use, so you don’t have to use any space for a stand-alone footrest. Get the back tilt right, put your feet up (shoes off, of course!) and dream on.
If you’re in working (or gaming) mode, make use of that forward seat tilt, which makes you feel as though you are sitting more upright than usual and therefore more alert. And, if you’re really short of space, or you could do this simply for pleasure and ergonomic effectiveness, add a notebook arm to your trusty steed, which allows you to connect your laptop safely to your Ergohuman Plus and create a oneness with what you’re involved with in that moment.
Of course, the Ergohuman Plus + legrest + notebook arm will be effective both in your office and in your home but, in the office, use the chair only for working, as gaming and Facebook may not go down well with the boss.

Ergohuman Plus Office Chair with Leg rest
Ergohuman Plus Office Chair with Leg rest

Ergohuman or Ergohuman Plus

Why does an Ergohuman chair become a ‘plus’ chair? What was wrong with the first one? And just where does V1 and V2 come in?
The answer to question one is that there is nothing wrong with the Ergohuman and that stating ‘plus’ actually means that the Ergohuman Plus has enhanced or added features. So that’s good news, straightaway.
All Ergohuman chairs are sensibly designed, well-constructed and, might I say, stunning to the eye, so let’s see what they both have to offer, before looking at their differences:-
• They have a split backrest, with a dedicated part for the lumbar support which is independently flexible
• They have adjustable seat height and depth, back height and tension adjustment
• They have an adjustable seat recline, which means that you can alter the positioning of your body, to suit ‘on a mission’ typing or being in a more laid-back, pensive-cum- thnking mode.
• They have very clever armrests, which can be positioned just how you like them, looking at forwards, backwards, closer to or further from the user’s body frame, as well as twisted on a diagonal angle. This diagonal angle suits me perfectly, as I don’t feel comfortable when my elbows are touching my sides, so using that diagonal tilt allows my elbows to be away from my body frame but still support my lower arms on their journey towards the keyboard.
I could go on but, as you can see, both the Ergohuman and the Ergohuman Plus deliver extreme satisfaction to the person being lucky enough to have made all of the adjustments to their, and theirs only, ergonomic office chair.

So how do they differ?

It’s probably a good starting point to think of the Ergohuman Plus as being more of a designer chair. So what enhancements does the Ergohuman Plus have?
It boasts more aluminium than the Egohuman (without the Plus) chair and this can be seen in the headrest, as well as under the armrests
Its star-base legs are no longer straight but curved, giving the chair that extra appeal to the eye, a subtle but attractive change
The seat base has a forward tilt angle. This is very interesting as, even though the tilt is only four to five degrees from its normal horizontal position, this small change to the angle makes you more alert. Imagine getting ready to stand up from a sofa – you might place your hands on the sofa cushions, or maybe one of the sofa armrests, to give you that lift up but, in the Ergohuman Plus, the very subtle angle lift gives you that ‘on starter’s orders’ feel about your day. You’re ‘good to go’ with your working day and this under starter’s orders feel will probably enhance your afternoon’s performance, by fighting against that heavy feeling you may have, after eating that scrumptious meal you somehow couldn’t resist.

And the second question about what is V1 and V2. These are simply the US names for the Ergohuman office chairs. The Ergohuman V1 is a minimally adjusted Ergohuman to suit the taller and larger user, with an extra two to three centimetres on the seat width and a supporting higher gas lift. The V2 is a combination of the Ergohuman and the Ergohuman Plus and its selling point is that it has a single lever (this is available on all UK Ergohuman chairs) for performing multiple adjustments.

You really can’t go wrong with an Ergohuman. Like the name states, it looks at the human’s needs in an ergonomic, and constantly changing, working environment. Gone is the ‘dining room’ design chair which, in all fairness, might have done the job perfectly well before the digital age arrived. But not now.

Ergohuman Plus Office Chairs

Ergohuman Plus Office Chairs
Ergohuman Plus Office Chairs